Lawmakers Urged to Wear Black to State of the Union Address

Hollywood and Washington, D.C. are the two places where we have seen revelations about sexual misconduct explode in the past year. So I’m not really sure I understand all this “wear black” stuff. I mean, it’s like they are protesting themselves, and looking really “holier than thou” in doing so.

The MSM is eating it up. It’s like they think this will erase the fact that they have been turning a blind eye to a system that for many, many years has been mistreating and objectifying women.

Those who wear black want to be applauded for supporting the end of a system they were all a part of, actively or not. If I turned a blind eye to an ax murderer for years and then decide to wear purple and say “I am wearing purple to show that I will no longer support this ax murderer” would I be praised

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