Law Enforcement Posts Large Sign off Highway About NFL Protesters!

It seems everyday more and more Americans are fighting back with their own ads against the NFL and the NFL player protests. Americans are sick and tired of watching NFL players disrespect our nation, our flag and our military.

In response to the NFL’s national anthem protests, one sheriff in Virginia has spent his own money to erect a roadside sign that makes it clear to the world how he and his fellow law enforcement agents feel about America and its flag.

Law enforcement stands & places hand over heart for national anthem!” reads the sign put up by Bedford County Sheriff Mike Brown. “We kneel when we pray!”

Right on.

Speaking this week with Lynchburg station WSET, Brown revealed that, like many other Americans, he used to love the NFL up until its players starting acting like pig-headed buffoons.

“I’ve always been a Redskins fan  … (but) I quit watching,” he said, adding that the



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