LaVar Ball Isn’t Thankful Trump Kept His Thug Son OUT OF JAIL in China

LaVar Ball is an American media personality AND the father the father of one of the punks on the UCLA basketball team that got caught shoplifting in China.

HE IS UNGRATEFUL! He also told the world he doesn’t think stealing is a big deal. What an idiot!

Why does he think the President doesn’t deserve a ‘thank you’? Because he did not visit them in jail. Moron!

“Did he go visit them in jail? Did you go visit them in jail?” Ball told “Good Morning America” producer Michael Del Moro. “If you went to visit them in jail then I would say, ‘Thank you.’”

UCLA freshmen LiAngelo Ball had been detained with two other players in China for shoplifting. They landed in Los Angeles on Tuesday evening and addressed the media Wednesday before being indefinitely suspended by the team.

The players were arrested and questioned on Nov. 7 after



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