Laura Ingraham Opens CPAC With ‘Liberals Are Kind Of Like Herpes’ [VIDEO]

Laura Ingraham set CPAC 2018 on fire in her morning speech yesterday with a whopper of a joke about liberals who bear a striking resemblance to a specific venereal disease. “A friend of mine who happens to be a religious figure said, ‘Laura, you’re talking to the CPAC people.

You guys gotta have a good time. You gotta laugh,’” she told the crowd in National Harbor, Maryland. “‘Remember what Tim Allen once said about the Clintons.’ I said, ‘What did Tim Allen say about the Clintons?’ I couldn’t remember the line. He said, ‘Well, you could apply it to liberals in general.’ Liberals are kind of like herpes,” she continued, eliciting both laughs and groans from the attendees. “Just when you think you have it beat, they come back again.” So very true. “There’s no cure. You can only keep it at bay.”

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