Latina Student Ready To Go On Spring Break But Only if Whites Pay For It

A Latina student at the $48,000 dollar a year Pitzer University is asking people to donate money to her so she can go on Spring Break.  She specifically asked for money from white allies in recognition that everything they have and everything they are is because of “genocide and enslavement of our ppl”

Who is paying for her college?  She can come up with 48k for tuition but nothing for Spring Break?

Leandra Vargas wrote:

“We are hoping ppl are willing to support us in our ventures out to queer [as fuck] oakland & some national parks to find some spaceeee to breatheee,”

“Everything that [white allies] are/have [right now] is due to the genocide and enslavement of our ppl,”

From The Daily Caller:

The student said that she and her…



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