Larry David Says His Blunt ‘Curb’ Character Is No Trump

Larry David says his irascible, mouthy character on “Curb Your Enthusiasm” is “about a quarter-inch” away from David himself.

But David said he bears no resemblance to another blunt talker, President Donald Trump.

“I don’t consider myself a (expletive),” he told a TV critics’ meeting Wednesday, brushing off a reporter’s question about whether Trump represented a rival as David’s HBO comedy returns after a long absence.

Jeff Garlin, who co-stars on the comedy, chimed in.

“Our president is not funny, and Larry’s funny. So I don’t see the competition,” Garlin said. “I think one is completely sad, and one you escape from the horribleness of the sad one.”

“Curb Your Enthusiasm,” which last aired six years ago, is back for a 10-episode ninth season starting Oct. 1. Besides Garlin, cast members include Cheryl Hines, Susie Essman and J.B. Smoove, with Elizabeth Banks, Bryan Cranston and Lauren Graham among the guest



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