L.A.’s bright idea: Paint streets white to fight global warming

Los Angeles paints streets white to reduce effect of ‘heat islands’ (Photo: LA Street Services)

Never mind that incredible glare when you’re trying to navigate your vehicle down Los Angeles streets on a hot, sunny day – the city insists on painting its streets white to fight climate change.

LA Street Services began the street-painting project last May after testing revealed the paint reduced road temperatures by 10 degrees. The product is meant to reduce the effect of urban “heat islands.”

The coating isn’t actually white. It’s a light gray product called CoolSeal, and it’s manufactured by GuardTop.

But whatever the color, the effect is certainly blinding.

And it costs a pretty penny, too. Each mile of CoolSeal coating costs $40,000, and two coats last up to seven years. T

he product is sprayed onto the roads and spread across the surface with squeegees.

(Photo: LA Street Services)

“CoolSeal is applied like



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