Kurt Schlichter Takes on the Media for its Failure in Journalism

Here is an oped from Townhall by Kurt Schlichter about the mainstream media that should be required reading. Mr. Schlichter takes on the media for its failure in journalism. In the current media there seem to be very few actual journalists. Here is a sampling of why you do not and should not respect the mainstream. The same applies to trust. Here is the axe they grind in full exposure.

As Written By Kurt Schlichter for Townhall:

Behold another banner week for the heroes of our intrepid mainstream media, that motley collection of pompous and obnoxious incompetents, perverts and – at the risk of repeating myself – liberals. In just the last few days we’ve seen how a major media personality got his network to build him a creepy sex lair in his office and watched as a flat-out lie tanked the stock market – well, not really “tanked,” since



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