Kirsten Gillibrand Has Become A True Democrat (Not a Good Thing)

Something’s happened to NY Senator Kirsten Gillibrand. Sometime around the end of 2016, she has become a true Democrat, in other words, she has abandoned her support of Israel.

Gillibrand used to be a strong supporter of Israel.  During the 2013 Chuck Hagel confirmation hearings, she showed herself to be an advocate for Israel. But beginning this past January she began to move closer to the positions of the progressives running the Democratic Party by distancing herself from the Jewish State,  statements and votes that can be read as unfriendly to Israel and the Jewish State’s supporters

In 2013 a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee Sen. Gillibrand questioned Chuck Hagel during his confirmation hearings to be Defense Secretary, Beginning with her opening statement practically every question/statement she made emphasized the importance of the Jewish State to America. In fact, per the committee transcript Senator Gillibrand spoke 597 words



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