King of the Swamp – Bill Ackman and His Billion Dollar Bet to Sink Herbalife

It’s been awhile since I’ve written about Bill Ackman and his pathetic vendetta against Herbalife. Some new developments have taken place and I thought it might be time for an update. It’s been seven years since Mr. Ackman and his company Pershing Square took a BILLION dollar short position in Herbalife. It was a brilliant move…a real life “Big Short”. The Herbalife stock went into free fall. The stock dropped 10% in 6 seconds triggering circuit breakers and halting trading! It looked like Ackman’s plan to sink the health products giant was going to work, but he was wrong. So very wrong.

Herbalife didn’t lay down and die. Oh no, they fought back with everything they had. Ackman used his crony influence to trigger a government investigation into the legality of their business model. Ackman went on to hire an army of lobbyists and public relation firms to keep up



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