Kim Jung Un Angry At Trump’s Latest Action (POTUS Doesn’t Ease Pressure)

By Jeff Dunetz and Andrew West

On Saturday, President Trump sent the USAF to deliver a message to North Korea’s crazy dictator Kim Jung Un. B-1 bombers dropped fake bombs along the demilitarized zone separating North and South Korea (see the video here).

The rogue nation, who are absolutely hellbent on sending a thermonuclear device to U.S. soil, have been at the forefront of international turmoil in recent months, testing the patience of the newly inaugurated American President.  Through threats, rhetoric, and a number of increasingly effective weapons tests, North Korea has been continually pushing the envelope as to what it acceptable and ethical behavior on the world’s stage.

Now, after President Trump has vowed action, and sent a show of force into the skies over the Demilitarized Zone between North Korea and U.S. ally South Korea, chubby, crazy dictator who puts the whack in whack job.  has issued a response.




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