Kim Jong Un HUMILIATED! North Korea Accidentally Bombed Itself In Botched Missile Test!

Kim Jong Un delivered a message to the US on New Year’s Day, during which the leader of the rogue regime said it’s “not a mere threat but a reality that I have a nuclear button on the desk in my office.”

Well North Korea appears to have accidentally sent a missile crashing down into a city during a test that went awry last April, a new open source intelligence report revealed Wednesday.

North Korea tested a new intermediate-range ballistic missile six times last year. The first three tests ended in failure, with one test sending a ballistic missile into a town not too far from the test site.

The full extent of the damage is unknown, but satellite images show clear differences between the immediate before and after pictures of the facility believed to have been hit by the failed missile.

North Korea conducted its third test of



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