Kim Jong Un has “Nuclear Button on His Desk”

Screenshot from KCNA video posted by AP

In his annual New Years address, Kim Jong Un has claimed that he has a “nuclear button” that’s always on his desk. Probably true, though buried beneath a pile of food wrappers. The statement may mean that he alone can launch the nuclear armament of North Korea. So much for ‘fail safes.’

The Diplomat reported,

While this is the first time Kim Jong-un has alluded to having a physical means of launching his country’s nuclear weapons in his office — most likely to predetermined targets in the Northeast Asia and the continental United States — the fundamental nuclear command-and-control message from North Korea remains unchanged since 2013. That year, the Supreme People’s Assembly promulgated an ordinance on North Korea’s position as a “nuclear weapons state.” That ordinance, among other things, noted that “The nuclear weapons of the DPRK can be used only



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