Kim Davis still fighting attacks from LGBT activists

It was nearly three years ago, but when five Supreme Court justices created same-sex “marriage” in a decision criticized by the minority as unconnected to the Constitution, it upset many state laws and practices.

Nowhere was the problem bigger than in Kentucky, where Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis shut down her office’s marriage-licensing to avoid discriminating.

She sought a religious accommodation from the state, because as a Christian she could not lend her endorsement to the same-sex marriage.

But several homosexual duos bypassed other jurisdictions where they could have obtained licenses in order to target Davis with lawsuits, and an activist federal judge, David Bunning, ordered her to jail for nearly a week for refusing his order to violate her faith.

Eventually the claims all fell by the wayside when the state legislature changed the law specifically to grant Davis’ request for an accommodation for her faith. The only issue that remains is that



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