Keys’ Editor: ‘Everything Is Under Water — I Mean Everything’

Larry Kahn, an editor for FlKeysNews, on Sunday reported from one of Monroe County’s four refugee shelters in the Florida Keys that waters from Hurricane Irma had overtaken the city of Marathon, saying, “Everything is underwater — I mean everything.”

Adding to the ills at the shelter he was staying in at Marathon High School was the death of a man staying there who died overnight of natural causes, FlKeysNews reported Sunday.

“He was staying in one of the classrooms,” Kahn said. “Police came up, along with a couple of nurses who are here, actually, got everyone out of the room and sealed it off.”

Food was running low and a deputy told Kahn that officials were going to take supplies from the school’s cafeteria to feed those sheltering there.

“He told me everyone could be in this building for days,” Kahn said. “Everyone here seems to be just walking



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