Keith Ellison, Radical Deputy DNC Chair Has Some Scary New Aspirations

Deputy DNC Chair Keith Ellison may be looking to move on from his current positions. Not only with the DNC but also with the House of Representatives. This radical leftist is reported to be eying a chance to be Minnesota’s next Attorney General. Mr. Elison was recently featured smiling with an Antifa handbook in his possession. Won’t that be a gift to the State of Minnesota? Elison has devoted support from pro-Muslim and anti-israel backers. This will give you an idea of the sort of justice he might be inclined to dispense. Is this the right person for the job? Read on.

As Written and Reported By Jeremy Frankel for the Daily Wire:

On Friday, Conservative Review reported that Keith Ellison, the far-left congressman and deputy DNC chairman, is pondering running to become Minnesota’s next Attorney General, as sitting AG Lori Swanson will probably be running for governor.

According to Politico, the reasons



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