Kathy Griffin Tells America: ‘There’s A Nazi in the Oval Office’ Trump Folks Are ‘Psychos’ [VIDEO]

When are these liberal comedians going to learn? Kathy Griffin is nothing but a disgusting and pathetic liberal who just knows how to rant about Trump. She is nothing more than another Hollywood liberal who still can’t accept that Hillary Clinton lost and Donald Trump is president.

After Griffin’s disgusting stunt involving holding a prop that looked like Trump’s bloody, severed head she is nothing more than a Hollywood pariah. Her career was destroyed, along with her dividends and profits from ‘squatty potty’. But like an annoying unfertilized dandelion weed, she just keeps popping back up.

Griffin appeared on Australian show “The Project”, where she discussed Trump. She was on the show to promote her Australian comedy tour, but instead, she complained about Trump. Griffin called Trump the “accidental president”, and whined about how she couldn’t tour in the United States now.

“I’m scared of that guy,” she said.



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