Justices ‘skeptical’ over mandatory ads for abortionists

A free-speech fight that was elevated to the U.S. Supreme Court after California imposed a requirement that faith-based pro-life crisis pregnancy centers advertise nearby abortionists has justices questioning its compatibility with the First Amendment.

The case challenges AB775, adopted in 2015, which demands that the centers post the location and phone number of nearby abortionists, even though the requirement violates the clearly established federal prohibition on compelled speech.

A report from National Public Radio said justices “on both sides of the ideological spectrum” were concerned about the constitutional issue.

“While some more liberal justices appeared receptive to the state’s case initially at the court Tuesday,” NPR reported, “the arguments appeared to unwind during several instances. Problems repeatedly arose for those defending the statute.”

The report said Justice Anthony Kennedy, the potential swing justice in the case, said the law in certain circumstances would seem to impose an undue burden.

“He cited a hypothetical example of



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