Just Rewards? An Online Predator Gets Beaten by Angry Father

Screenshot of Facebook photo via El Pais

Argentina – Walter Rodriguez loves his 11 year old daughter. So much so that when an online predator named German Acosta began sending her inappropriate pictures and messages that demanded sex, he took matters into his own hands. He posed as her and beat him at a prearranged meeting.

German Acosta is reportedly 29 years old. He contacted Rodriguez’ daughter on the What’sApp messaging app. The app is encrypted, which means that law enforcement would have a difficult time obtaining information from it, so Rodriquez simply took screenshots of his contact with her. His daughter told him that Acosta attempted to have her lie to her parents and send him pictures of her in her underwear.

She told the man that she was a virgin, to which he responded “That’s great!”

El Pais news media from Argentina reported,

“First he wanted to

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