JUST IN: FBI Releases New Info About Lynch-Clinton Tarmac Meeting

There have been new revelations regarding the infamous Tarmac Meeting between Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch. The FBI’s reaction to the leaking of this meeting to the public is astonishing, to say the least. Was the FBI leadership worried about the impropriety of the meeting between Lynch and Clinton? Hillary was under investigation by the FBI. 

It will come as a disappointment to most that the FBI was more concerned about where the leak came from. They wanted some butt, and they wanted it now. They wanted to make dog catchers out of whoever leaked the meeting to the press. Is that enough to get the interest of the House Intelligence Committee? One can only hope so.

As Written By Katie Pavlich for Townhall:

The FBI released a series of email documents Friday afternoon detailing the Department of Justice response to the fallout of the secret Phoenix tarmac meeting between Attorney



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