Judicial Watch sues FBI over Comey book

James Comey

Washington watchdog Judicial Watch Tuesday filed a lawsuit against the FBI to obtain information about whether fired Director James Comey is getting special treatment from the agency he once headed.

“James Comey illegally took and then leaked material from his FBI memos in order to get a special counsel appointed to target President Trump. And so now Judicial Watch is asking questions about whether James Comey is getting special treatment from the FBI to use these ill-gotten FBI documents in his book,” stated Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton.

The organization had asked the FBI for the details some weeks ago, and without a response, it has now gone to court.

Its action, a Freedom of Information Act case, is actually against the DOJ for FBI prepublication review and other records regarding his book, which is just being released now.

It’s called “A Higher Loyalty,” and he’s on a



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