Judicial Watch Goes After Lois Lerner

It is a proven fact that the IRS targeted conservative Tea Party groups and Judicial Watch wants to help get the records of that case unsealed. They filed a brief as a friend of the court – amicus curiae in the case of the NorCal Tea Party Patriots. Lois Lerner and Holly Paz had the documents sealed by claiming death threats. That dog won’t hunt. Let’s get these documents unsealed.

As Written, Reported And Served By Judicial Watch:

‘[T]he IRS continues to this day to withhold from the public in Judicial Watch’s main IRS case … email communications with Lois Lerner and/or Holly Paz …’ – Judicial Watch Amicus Brief

(Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch last week asked a federal court to unseal the depositions of Lois Lerner, the former director of the Exempt Organizations Unit of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), and Holly Paz, her top aide and former IRS director of Office of



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