Judge says landlords can pick their tenants


A judge has given landlords in Seattle permission to pick their own tenants, upending a rule imposed by the city that would have required them to rent to the first qualified person who arrived – all in an effort to eliminate “unconscious bias.”

WND reported when the fight erupted in 2017 with the imposition of a demand by the city landlords rent to the “first person” who submits a valid application.

Under Seattle’s “first-in-time” rule, a landlord must offer a rental unit to the “first person who submits an adequate application,” explained Ethan Blevins of the Pacific Legal Foundation, which sued over the Big Brother policy.

“This goes far beyond preventing intentional discrimination by banning choice across the board. No discretion, no chance to sift among potential tenants, no right to make a basic judgment call about who you want on your property for years to come. If



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