Judge Roy Moore to Hannity: ‘Some evidence of collusion’ in WaPo smear

During an interview with radio talk show host Sean Hannity, Judge Roy Moore said his campaign is investigating the report and says there may be some evidence of collusion in the Washington Post hit piece against him.

According to Breitbart, when Hannity asked him to respond to the dozens of establishment Republicans demanding he step down from his race for the U.S. Senate, he said (Emphasis added):

If you step aside for any allegation, then you might as well not run because when you run you’re going to get allegations. First, I would tell these individuals they wouldn’t make good judges. They wouldn’t make good people in the judicial system because you are innocent until proven guilty. In this case, this woman has waited over 40 years to bring a complaint four weeks out of an election? It’s obvious to the casual observer that something is up. We’re also



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