Judge Roy Moore announces plans to sue Washington Post for series of hit pieces

Roy Moore (YouTube)

While speaking at a campaign event Sunday evening, Judge Roy Moore announced that he plans to sue the Washington Post for a series of hit pieces on him, his wife, his foundation and his campaign, Breitbart reported.

“Shortly after becoming the Republican nominee for the United States Senate, the Washington Post published an article attacking me, my wife, my Foundation for Moral Law in Montgomery, Alabama, on my salary,” Moore told a crowd of about 100 supporters at the Huntsville Christian Academy.

“They said I took over a million dollars,” he said. “There were not a million dollars. I wish I had a million dollars. In fact, I didn’t take the money they awarded me for a salary because I had my own recognition and opted to embrace that salary myself and not take anything from the foundation. So my salary collection wasn’t so much. Over eight



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