Judge LEVELS Welfare Queen Mother Of 16 Who Says: “Somebody Needs To Pay For ALL My Children” [VIDEO]

There is the part of me that thinks…this woman was raided to non-think, she does not know any better. There is another part of me that says, everyone should know better…this is just too much.

What kind of person, no, I mean what kind of mother goes out and has 16 children from three separate fathers and then thinks that everyone other than her, and her three fathers, should be responsible for all the kids? Those poor children…

She is demanding that the government pay for her and her family, and she’s not requesting because she wants help, she is saying that it is owed to her and how dare the government not be on top of it already.


She wants everything paid for people…everything. We’re talking rent, furniture, clothing, utilities, food, and she said that someone must pay for it all. Well, the state did, as well



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