JUDGE: ‘He’s not used to girls in bikinis.’ Young Man Sexually Assaults 8 Girls! No Jail!

A young man who groped eight women at the beach has been placed on two years’ probation by a Australian judge.

Originally charged with two counts of attempted rape, the Afghan-born 17-year-old spent two hours grabbing women, aged between 15 and 24 years, as he swam at Surfers Paradise Beach on last year. 

He cannot be identified because he committed the offenses as a juvenile.

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When three of the victims approached the lifeguard on duty, the offending stopped and the police were notified.

The teenager was initially charged as an adult because he had no birth records from Afghanistan. He was sentenced as a juvenile in District Court after pleading guilty to nine charges of sexual assault and three charges of common assault.

Two of the victims, who were aged 15 years at the time of the offending, were present in court.

He allegedly grabbed his victims on their



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