Judge Awards Custody To Both “Mommies” and the Dad

Over the past year, we have seen several variant views of marriage surface. This has been in consequence of the federal government changing the definition of marriage. Now, there is no limit to what can be done or entered into.

One of the newest crazes has been the poly-relational groups. Whether you want to be married to more than one person, or you are entering into a polysexual relationship, the envelope has been pushed.

Now, we see the outcome of such choices.

Christian News reports

A New York judge has awarded tri-custody to a former couple and their neighbor, who they entered into a “polyamorous” relationship with over a decade ago.

“Tri-custody is the logical evolution of the Court of Appeals decision in Brooke S.B., and the passage of the Marriage Equality Act and DRL [Domestic Relations Law] §10-a which permits same-sex couples to marry in New York,” Suffolk…



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