Joy Behar’s Goes On Her Most Unhinged Rant Of All Time [Video]

If you thought that ABC’s Joy Behar was off her rocker, them this unhinged rant against President Trump may help you make up your mind. While her charges against the President are unfounded and off the chain, you have to just wonder where does she get these ideas. They are hateful and divisive and have no touch with reality. read and watch.

As Written and Reported By Ryan Saavedra for the Daily Wire:

Joy Behar, who co-hosts ABC’s “The View,” said on Tuesday that President Donald Trump was “in bed” with those protecting the terrorists responsible for committing the 9/11 attacks and suggested that because of the Trump administration, the LGBT community could be on the verge of being stoned in the streets in the U.S.

Behar made the “outrageous” remarks as the group of female co-hosts were discussing the protests in Iran which started last Thursday over Iran’s poor economy



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