John Stossel: New York Arrests LEGAL Gun Owners Who Follow TSA Rules

Fox News’ John Stossel on Wednesday delivered another timely warning to law-abiding gun owners who may be traveling to New York, and in the process threw a verbal punch at the Big Apple legal system whose version of enforcing the laws is arresting people at the airport for essentially doing what the law requires.

Stossel’s tale involves a Georgia woman who brought a firearm along when she visited her daughter in New York. He notes, “Roughly once a week, New York City locks up people for carrying guns legally licensed by other states.”

People with guns declare them at the airport ticket counter. The TSA checks the guns, in checked baggage, and sends the bags on their way. Except in New York, where people who declare on their trip home are told to wait and are then arrested.

This is the kind of demagoguery that could put the Empire State in the



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