Jodie Foster: ‘Every Man Over 30’ Plays a Part in Sexual Misconduct

Silence of the Lambs actress, Jodie Foster is declaring that “pretty much every man over 30” is responsible for sexual misconduct and harassment.

In other words, she’s equating all men to Harvey Weinstein.

So you’re guilty even if you don’t even talk or look at a woman? Okay right. It’s an interesting time for men.

What is it with Hollywood feminists who hate Trump AND men? I find that abhorrent and certainly not true. Your biological plumbing does not dictate what kind of person you are.

Foster told USA Today that although a lot of men’s behavior is “unconscious,” many men have been living in a bubble. “We really are at a watershed moment,” Foster said.

“This part has been painful: these wonderful, amazing narratives that take into consideration everybody’s part in it. I’m really interested and looking forward to the men’s point of view, and what comes next



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