Jim Acosta’s Latest Self Serving Anti-Trump Tirade, Calls for “Resistance”

There is little doubt that CNN and other liberal media sources have been attempting to derail the Trump administration, but one reporter, in particular, has frequently overstepped the bounds of decency. His name is Jim Acosta, and he has been a fiery thorn in the side of President Trump and his staff for months.  Hailing from CNN, the number one name in fake news, Acosta has been painfully blunt about his hopes that the President of the United States fails miserably, only for the fact that Donald Trump is not democratic diva Hillary Clinton.

Acosta isn’t mad at the world, or even at the Republican party in general.  Instead, Acosta is using his CNN-acquired press pass to openly harass Donald Trump and the patriotic Americans that he has surrounded himself with.  Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders has been a particularly frequent target of Acosta’s rage, given the sheer proximity of each other’s

Andrew West

Andrew West

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