Jim Acosta busts the Truth Meter in this awful report

Jim Acosta of CNN fame may have just set a new record for driving the Truth Meter in the negative direction. There is that old saying that figures lie and liars figure. Well, old Jim seems to have gone off the deep end with his reporting on gun violence. 

We are not talking just regular old run of the mill gun violence, we are talking mass shootings here. According to Mr. Acosta, there have been “1,552 mass shootings” since the heinous attack on Sandy Hook. Search your memory banks on that one. Want to know how he got that number? You have to redefine what a mass shooting is. Here is what he did.

As Written by AWR Hawkins for Breitbart:

On December 14, 2017, CNN’s Jim Acosta claimed America has witnessed “1,552 mass shootings” since the heinous attack on Sandy Hook Elementary School.

This means Acosta is claiming an average of



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