Jesus is the Ultimate Psychologist

Jesus is the ultimate psychologist. Modern psychology is a load of crap! The concentration of the news media on tons of ancient sexual abuse is two things: A political ploy and the complete failure of psychiatric theory, putting it into the same realm as an Indian witch doctor blowing cigar smoke up someone’s ass to cure colon cancer.

No one, and I repeat NO ONE can fathom the human mind. Psychology offers no cure. If you put two psychologists on a witness stand you’ll get two divergent opinions, and I do mean opinions because their theories are supported by absolutely no forensic facts. Little girl averts her eyes because she’s embarrassed at a question, she must be abused. Grandpa kisses a grandchild, he must be a pedophile! Little boy eats too fast, he must be starved. Woman upset because her dad died, she must be depressed and needs medication, LOTS



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