Jealous Wife Cuts Off Husband’s Penis With a Pair of Scissors [OUCH]

A woman who suspected that her husband was cheating with the wife of their family friend took matters into her own hands by slashing off his manhood.

Thirty-two-year-old Betitta believed that her husband, Mark, was carrying out his affair at the building where he worked.

So, when the man slept off at a friend’s place after some drinks, his wife was able to find him for the sole purpose of grabbing and chopping off his penis with scissors “two inches from the base.”

Liezel Betitta, 32, was convinced that husband ‘Mark’ was having an affair with a friend’s wife at a building firm where he worked in Iloilo City, the Philippines

He woke up in agony after Liezel sliced it off.

She then fled, but was later apprehended and arrested.  She told…



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