Japan Built A GIANT $18 Million Robot

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Japan has unveiled a brand new giant Gundam robot in Yokohama. The 18-meter-tall Gundam can actually move its arms and legs. The Gundam can even kneel. The giant robot will be the star attraction of the Gundam Factory Yokohama museum, which is set to open soon. This is not the only robot that has been built in Japan. Toyota has developed a gantry robot that hangs from the ceiling. The gantry robot is a type of robot butler that can perform basic household tasks and be hidden away when not in use. Panasonic has developed a robot fridge that actually comes to you when you call. The KU robot fridge can deliver you food and take your dirty dishes to the sink. Japanese company SkyDrive Inc. has created a flying car prototype called the SD-03 that managed to hover for 4 minutes with a person on board. It’s the first eVTOL to accomplish such a task. Waymo operates self-driving taxis in the Phoenix area. The company recently started offering rides without a safety driver, which means that confidence in the technology is growing much faster than before. Self-driving taxis could be right around the corner. The 28-foot-tall LW Mononofu robot was designed by engineer Masaki Nagumo, and it is believed to be the world’s largest human-operated robot. The Mononofu is slow-moving, but it does have a massive arm cannon. Keep watching to learn all about some of the new and innovative tech that has just been revealed.

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