James Woods ROASTS Hillary After She Begs Americans for Money

As I have said many times before, If you are not following James Woods on Twitter you are missing out. James is the real deal! He just says it like it is! Truth and honesty!

It’s really amazing to hear someone in Hollywood actually standing up for patriotism and America! It’s also wonderful to see when someone like @RealJamesWoods stands up for justice on Twitter especially when someone like Hillary Clinton is involved.

Recently Conservative actor and Twitter user extraordinaire James Woods tore into failed 2016 Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton after she took to social media asking her followers for money.

In a string of tweets just before the Christmas holiday weekend, Clinton promoted her organization Onward Together along with six other groups. Naturally, she also used the opportunity to ask her supporters for more of their money.

Not one to let an opportunity to troll the former secretary of



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