Jake Tapper Report On Thursday Demonstrates His Honest Professionalism

I am sure that many of my fellow conservative’s will give me much crap about this post but I happen to believe that Jake Tapper is one of the fairest reporters on TV. I don’t always agree with him,  and it is true that he’s been very hard on President Trump, but here’s the thing his conservative critics forget–he is just as hard on the Democrats.

Yesterday Tapper demonstrated again how he tells the truth as he pointed out the hypocrisy of  Thursday’s UN Vote condemning President Trump’s decision to move our capital to Jerusalem.

Read the transcript from CNN below to discern what Tapper didn’t say (don’t worry I tell you at the end)

Jake Tapper: Remember yesterday how United States ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, said the U.S. would be taking names of countries that supported a resolution critical of the Trump administration’s decision to



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