Ivy League Professors Issue Rallying Cry to Students – ‘Think for Yourself’

There are plenty of unconscious humans, many of whom happen to inhabit positions of great wealth and power, committing all sorts of horrible deeds to their fellow humans on a daily basis. I’ve spent much of the past five years highlighting such behavior, but we’ve arrived at a point where it’s time to give increased attention to the multitude of conscious, deeply caring people trying to make a positive difference within our current very challenging and hostile environment.

As I was pondering what to write about today, a recent comment posted to last Thursday’s post, Why Am I Doing This?, really connected with me. I have reposted it in full below.

The perspective outlined above fits in perfectly with my recent thinking on how decent, conscious people can change the world for the better over time. Calling the current paradigm we live under the corrupt, parasitic fraud it



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