It’s Time For Churches To Take Security Serious Or Risk Being The Next Slaughterhouse

As America is reeling once again from a senseless mass shooting the usual characters raise their voices.

Sunday morning, a young white male, Devin Kelley, walked into the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas and opened fire. He killed at least 26 people and wounded another 20. Literally, everyone in the church building was shot, being either wounded or killed. The stories of the slaughter are horrible and bound to only get worse in the coming days.

The pastors fourteen-year-old daughter is among the dead, and others ranging from 2 years old to people in their seventies. No one was spared.

I wrote a book with a very similar scenario a few years ago titled Mercy Shot. In my fiction novel, a psycho walked into a church and opened fire. He killed a few innocent people and then was killed by a parishioner who had a concealed weapon. That



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