It’s that Stupid, Politically Correct Holiday Season Again

Put that Chanukia down and back away from that Christmas Tree.

It happens every year at this time: some call it the war on Christmas, but it’s not really…it’s battle of political correctness.

When a community puts up a Christmas tree, one of two things happens. Either there is a battle to take it down, or someone fights to get a Chanukkiyah (that’s its real name, not Menorah), Kwanzaa candles, or a symbol of some other religion’s holiday placed right next to it. Then Fox News follows by running stories about the latest battle in the “war against Christmas,” and the ACLU starts a legal action against any town whose mayor or council member once drove near a church, mosque, and/or synagogue.

Hey, ACLU: Give it up. America is a Majority Christian country. The First Amendment isn’t supposed to stop Christians from celebrating their faith, its supposed to stop the majority



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