Its Not The President Destroying the 1st Amendment [Video]

Talk show host Mark Levin has his own opinion on what is the real threat to the 1st Amendment and it is not President Donald Trump. The mainstream media would have you believe that because the President is calling out Fake News when he sees it, he is somehow to blame. that is not the truth.

The free press gave up its freedoms a long while back to vested interests and identity politics. Thay and other parts of our nation have lost their moral compass. Here is what Mark has to say about all this.

As Written By Michael Morris for CBN News:

Nationally syndicated radio talk show host Mark Levin ripped the United States press Wednesday, suggesting on his show that President Trump is not destroying the 1st Amendment but that “[t]he press is destroying itself.”

“We’ve heard now since Donald Trump decided to run for president and up to modern



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