It looks like key components of the Obama admin will be swept up by the #metoo movement

It now looks like key components of the Obama administration will be swept up by the #metoo movement. Harassment allegations are being leveled at the Department of Justice. The DOJ’s own Inspector General has unearthed these allegations of harassment. Not only is the harassment being investigated, but the response of the administration has been called into question. Here are the details.

As Written, Reported and Seen First on Fox News:

The Justice Department scolded the Obama administration on Wednesday following a report on how sexual harassment of all kinds was improperly handled at the department for years.

The Washington Post reported that the DOJ’s inspector general had found “systemic” problems with how complaints were addressed, with offending officials often being let off the hook or even rewarded. The article cited investigative reports on a lawyer who allegedly groped two female attorneys and a top U.S. Marshals official who had sex with “approximately”



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