IT BEGINS: California Bans Parents from ‘Opting Out’ Their Own Children

California has become the first state in the history of the United Stated to force kids to use LGBT inclusive textbooks, not allowing parents to opt out from the propaganda.

Despite their reputation for being the “Party of choice,” Democrats in California have ruled that parents are not allowed to opt their school-aged children out of the mandatory LGBT indoctrination in the state-sponsored school system.

The propaganda law requires a fair, accurate, inclusive, and respectful’ treatment of homosexual, bisexual, transgender, and lesbian Americans despite the historical insignificance.

Recently in California, a kindergarten boy was transitioned to a girl in the classroom at Rocklin Academy Gateway and neither parents nor administration were told beforehand.

The boy reportedly changed into girl’s clothes and was reintroduced to his class as a girl. Teacher Kaelin Swaney also read two pro-transgender books, including ‘I am Jazz’, in the lesson that took place just before



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