Israel tour features side trip to Sodom this fall

Is the Bible’s account of the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah just a myth?

Not likely, says an archaeologist who believes, following 12 years of sifting sand near the Dead Sea in Jordan, that he has found the ruins of the largest twin cities in the area, one that fits all the criteria of the Bible account.

Steven Collins, a professor of biblical studies and apologetics at Trinity Southwest University, says a “monstrous” site in Tall el-Hammam in the southern Jordan Valley, which lies eight miles northeast of the Dead Sea, perfectly matches the biblical descriptions of the “city of sin,” destroyed in a day by fire and brimstone.

And you can visit the archaeological site this fall if you sign up for the WND Israel tour led by Joseph and Elizabeth Farah.

Collins began exploring the rubble in 2005 and eventually concluded that it is indeed the site



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