ISIS vows to kill… Santa Claus

by Walter W. Murray, reporter

ISIS militants are on the run around the world, being pushed back by an aggressive new advance led by President Donald Trump.

With rapidly diminishing power to launch attacks, the desperate murderers are resulting to outrageous new threats in an attempt to sow the seeds of fear.

The latest: They’re vowing to kill Santa Claus!

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A propaganda image circulating online and traced to ISIS followers shows a stack of dynamite next to Santa Claus in Times Square.

“We meet at Christmas in New York… soon,” the image says.

Another shows a militant clad in all back – face covered, as is custom for these cowards – standing behind Santa, as if ready to behead the jolly old elf.

“Soon on your holidays,” the image says, with images of a Christmas market in London in the background.




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