ISIS Instructing Jihadists to Add Cyanide to Grocery Store Goods

As if the world didn’t have enough reason to fear the radical Islamic terror emanating from the middle east, ISIS has new instructions for their worldwide network of operatives.

Months ago, the worldwide leader in terror instructed their jihadists stationed in Europe to begin using cars and trucks to attack those who were not of the Muslim faith.  Shortly thereafter, a rash of just such attacks began occurring all over the continent, with France, England, and Finland all succumbing to the dastardly tactic.

Europe has been especially hard hit due to their lax border policies enacted in the wake of the Syrian refugee crisis, which has allowed ISIS terrorists to pose as asylum seekers and move freely about the country.

Now, the caliphate leadership is announcing a new initiative in their holy war, and it is certainly meant to frighten the entire civilized world like never before.


Andrew West

Andrew West

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