ISIS Doesn’t Recruit Them For Their Brains

America 1, Terrorists 0 (Image: MGN)

An undercover agent, Ryan Schanberger, recently arrested Sebastian Gregerson for the purchase of illegal explosive material. Sebastian, aka Abdurrahman Bin Mikaayl, had been buying an arsenal of weaponry for over a year, including grenades and grenade launchers. The FBI began watching Gregerson back in 2015 after information was given to the government about his purchase and interest of explosives. He never admitted to his plan with the explosives or the arsenal of weapons, his detention hearing is on Thursday.

In a time of terror, it’s good to know that America still has the ability to get the upper hand. We are constantly walking on eggshells, waiting for the other shoe to drop. The Islamic State has put us right where they want us, in a state of constant high alert. Yet, little victories like the one in Detroit, let us know that we still have…



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