ISIS Carves Up Turkey In Latest Airport Bombing

Istanbul Has Fallen Under The Hands Of ISIS (Image: MGN)

Three terrorists attacked one of the busiest airports in the world in Istanbul. Over forty people died in the attack, including fourteen foreigners. Over two hundred people were injured, forty-one are still in critical condition. The Istanbul government is blaming ISIS and are vowing to get their revenge.

Three terrorists stormed into one of the world’s busiest airports in the world, brandishing Ak-47’s, and opened fire into the sea of people that were traveling last night. Then as the police moved in, they blew themselves up.

Hundreds of people were left injured and scared. Over forty people killed, their lives taken away from them as if their souls were leaves in the wind. One country devastated and enraged by a ruthless attack conducted by cowards, and one victimizer in the cross hairs of Istanbul’s rage. ISIS.

Istanbul has pointed the focus…



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