ISIS Calls for MURDER of Barron Trump & Gives Out His Personal Details

If this terrorist group thinks they can threaten the son of President Trump, they’ve got another thing coming. ISIS must think they are still dealing with Obama. Obviously, they didn’t notice the message Trump sent early on in his presidency to Syria or Afghanistan. You know the ‘Mother of All Bombs!’

In a desperate ploy to get President Trump to drop every bomb that America possesses right on top of their huts, the terrorists released private information on Barron Trump, along with photos and the hashtag “handle the son of the Mule of America.”

This is going to get really ugly, really fast.

Pro-ISIS propaganda pages on the internet have begun circulating the address of the school Barron attends, as well as photos of the young Trump and calls for his murder, according to MEMRI (Middle East Media Research Institute.)

The initial post, made on Telegram – a popular



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